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    Ali Sullivan


I create art that takes me to that whimsical playful fantasy place of childhood.  That wild safe place of the universe that we all lovingly call: home.  I hope you come along with me.


My inspiration comes from nature. Swimming in the waters of the Florida Keys, walking the area of the Blue Ridge, traveling through my native Colombia and South America, made me realize that I wanted to recreate those wonderful creatures in my paintings.  The cobalt blue of the ocean, plankton and sea life became one with the night sky and the stars.  Soon other creatures started to appear on my canvases, horses, roosters, cows, dogs and even insects showed up to be painted!


I like seeing the transformation.  How a simple sketch on a white canvas evolves with patterns, colors and contrast, that is the expression of my passion for life, laughter, and creating.


When I paint I feel joy, happiness.  Painting makes me feel at peace and that’s why I do it.  These pictures are not intended to be deep works of art, rather to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your soul.  I love watching someone looking at my art, pointing at the colors and recognizing the patterns, and just enjoying the painting.  


I paint with acrylics because they are bright and playful, very versatile, rich with passionate colors.




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"Cherish the imperfections.  When I paint, I’m playing!"

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